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The Tynemouth Classic Volkswagen Rally

Now in its third year and gaining popularity on each occasion that it has been held is the Tynemouth Classic VW Rally and this year we had the added bonus of the sun!

Held against the impressive backdrop of Tynemouth Priory and the North Sea, in glorious weather, the crowds flocked to this year’s event.

There were many classic Volkswagen examples on display, which are lovingly cared for by their proud owners. It was great to take a stroll and get close up to some of these very unique vehicles giving us a better understanding as to why this particular make has such a large following. Ruth already has an affinity with VW bugs as she learnt to drive in one many moons ago, it’s still in the family and still works!

Reggae music played over the tannoy speakers lending a relaxed feel to the day. After our stroll, we took the opportunity to sit on the hillside of the Priory and watch the Red Arrows perform for the nearby Sunderland Air Show also taking place on this particular weekend. An impressive sight with such a clear view up the coastline.

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It was great to be back in the North East.