EAT! Festival – Sideways Speakeasy

The annual Newcastle/Gateshead EAT! Festival is now underway with various events taking place at a number of locations between these two cities over the next two weeks.

This year, we are privileged to be involved in two events. The first is with one of Newcastle’s leading wine merchants Carruthers & Kent, whilst the other is with the ever expanding Local Wine School, whose Newcastle franchise shall be hosting their annual wine fair on the final day of the festival. Alongside other local merchants, Carruthers & Kent will be showing a great selection of wines for you to try.

Scan 28

Carruthers & Kent’s leading ladies Mo & Claire, were on hand to deliver some fine wines at The Speakeasy “Sideways” film show, which was held in a makeshift bar and cinema at the Lit & Phil in Newcastle City Centre. The carefully selected wines* were handed out to the audience at the right moment to coincide with wines in the movie, which the audience thoroughly enjoyed and so did we!

The evening continued with live music and the chance to re-try the film’s wine stars.

IMG_0002 IMG_0030 IMG_0592 IMG_0019 IMG_0022 IMG_0055 IMG_0005 IMG_0051

* These wines will appear in our tasting notes “Wine Lab” section (in development).

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